The Second Great Noreaster of 07 toppled 2 large trees but spares our house

Jocey was watching a movie during the storm when two trees falling outside her window shook her complacency

Two large trees filled the yard

What a mess

Someone up above was watching out for us......imagine all the windows these trees scraped but no broken glass or wood

Again, it was a close call

The debris was two floors high, that's about 30 feet!!!!!

There is a fence under there, or should I say WAS a fence

The weight of the falling pine tree just ripped apart the trunk of the tree of heaven next to it

All that is left of the base of the pine tree, imagine the gust of wind that took this down

Off with the limbs, little by little

Our tree guy Chuck (of Woodchuck Tree Services) hard at work

Zillions of broken branches everywhere

Almost done, just a few pieces of trunk!

Chuckie filled his truck 3 times, the first two were chipped

Four hours later all cleaned up

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Last updated 7 November 2007